My name is Joe Barnard, and welcome to this website!

My favorite way to learn is by experimentation. I find it's the fastest, and often the most effective way to understand new concepts. I've applied that mindset to experimental rocketry, which is what BPS is all about.

Barnard Propulsion Systems is a platform intended to further knowledge and understanding in modern rocketry by experimentation. Right now, the primary goal is to achieve VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) of a model rocket with fixed thrust, solid propellant motors.

The challenge is difficult, but through small advances in stabilization, coding, and lots of trial and error, bit by bit it can be accomplished. 

Hey it's me, Joe Barnard!

Apart from the two buttons below, BPS is entirely self-funded. Donations or support on Patreon is by no means required - all work done by BPS is meant to freely benefit those interested in rocketry. That said, experimental development is costly, and any contribution will help accelerate the process.



Updates are most frequently posted on Twitter @joebarnard, and questions are answered fastest via that platform. Otherwise, feel free to reach out below.
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